Currently in its third edition, Playwriting Milano  is a  dramatic-writing project

with a strong  educational and international edge.

In the medium term the project aims at creating an international dramatic-writing district in Milan.

Originally an annual Festival, Playwriting Milano now  offers educational  training

for teenagers,  for  their  teachers and for professional playwrights teaching a class.

To ensure the  quality of its proposal,  Playwriting Milano  collaborates with the most renowned international new writing hubs,

first of them London’s Finborough Theatre


Present and past partners:








Past and present collaborations:




Past numbers:


  • about 460 teenagers participating in acting and writing projects

  • 39 Italian  theatrical schools /high schools

  • 22 apprenticeship programme on dramatic writing

  • 15 playwriting workshops


In brief:

  • Finborough Theatre: Milano Playwriting partner since the beginning, defined by Time Out as “probably the most influential fringe theatre in the world”,  its collaboration has given to our students outstanding educational opportunities to get in touch with the most talented international playwrights, learning directly  from their experience and their innovative works.

  • Gogol’Ostello: one of the most exciting and counter-trend cultural places in Milan, Gogol’Ostello has hosted since the beginning most of MILANO PLAYWRITING’s  initiatives: from the Playwriting Group for professional playwrights to Playwriting Workshop for teenagers, from meeting with international playwrights to preview of new plays.

  • The Economist: 2016/17′s creative writing project conceived around TE’s most interesting stories (discover)

  • New Views: from 2018 our teenagers will benefit from London’s National Theatre‘s writing programme materials (discover)

  • Jane Wainwright  (Royal Court Young Writers Programme): in 2015 Jane led a writing programme for young Italian and English  playwrights (video link) and 150 teenagers performed 4 of her plays at the Festival (video link)

  • Sarah Page  (Royal Court Young Writers Programme): Sarah wrote under commission a play that in 2017  180 teenagers  performed  (videoconference pic - playwriting lab video).

  • Carmen Nasr: Channel 4 Playwriting Programme 2016 winner, she presented Dubailand at the Festival (show/conference pics)

  • In-Sook ChappellVerity Bargate Award winner, she presented P’yongyang at the Festival.

  • Moira Buffini: Olivier Award  nominated  for Handbagged, presented at the Festival.

  • Luke Owen: Papatango  winner with Unscorched, presented at the Festival with a cameo of the writer.


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