Skype with Jim Cartwright

jimThe Skype with Jim Cartwright will take place on Friday the 13th of April at 5.30 pm (4.30 pm UK time).

The connection between the schools and the Milano Playwriting Team will take place at 5 pm.


Schools that are currently staging Mobile Phone Show play will connect via Skype each one from its own location (its own school or another place at its choice).

Technical recommendations: 

  •  IMPORTANT:  Please make sure in the previous days that the connection in your chosen place is strong and stable, to avoid temporary lack of connection and to avoid the possibility of not being able to use the video: a  video communication will be more enjoyable for everybody.
  • Milano Playwriting team will introduce the Skype conversation and will translate the questions/answers given both in Italian/English.
  • each school part  will have to connect at 5pm ON TIME  with the Skype account francescolovati .
  • we invite you to verify the previous day that your Skype account is working properly so that in case you’d  have password problems you will have time to solve it.
  • it will be a Skype Group Call. Is therefore CRUCIAL  to remain in silence while the other people talk (either Jim, the person who is translating or the other school which is posing the question). If  not , the echo of  your voices will go into the skype audio, making the listening really difficult. We ask you to be particularly attentive on this point.
  • provide yourself with loudspeakers but be careful to not put those towards the pc’s microphone, otherwise there could be some audio  distortion. On this matter, is important the connection that take place at 5pm to verify that everything is working properly and to be ready when Jim Cartwright will join us at 5.30 pm (4.30 UK  time)
  • the person who is posing the question will need to get close to the microphone. You can pose the question either in Italian or in English, in both cases there will be a translation.


  • The Skype call will last at least half an hour, there will be more schools connected at the same time. We suggest you to prepare in advance significant questions both on Mobile Phone Show and on playwriting in general:  Jim Cartwright is one of the most important English  playwright and having the chance to get in contact with his  playwright experience is a once in a life opportunity.
  • Regarding your questions on Mobile Phone Show, we suggest you to pose specific questions that at the same time will offer to Jim the opportunity to illustrate his playwriting choices. Is better therefore to avoid too specific questions on just one character that won’t engage the other students. If you really want to pose a question on just one character, please make one  of  a wider-scope to give  to Jim the possibility of broaden the topic explored.
  • Don’t be shy or too scrupulous: always be polite but if there is a point in the play that you didn’t understood or that you didn’t agree with, allow your question to stress this point. Is important that your question though give the possibility of creating a real, fruitful debate between you and Jim.
  • if you have the time, please read an interview given by Jim  on his career as a playwright:  it may give you some ideas on how to  make the 13th of April conversation more interesting:

For any doubt please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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