Teens Writing 2017/18


A playwriting lesson with Angela Demattè this year at Gogol’Ostello

Teens Writing has the objective of spreading the playwriting art among teenagers in collaboration with teacher from theatre schools and high schools.

The course is articulated in 7 lessons on the principal topics of the playwriting craft (Story, People, Narrative, Dialogues, Scenes, Style, Stagecraft), and it envisages: workshop for teachers and students with the project’s tutors; meetings with an established playwright to learn from his working practice; attending new writing shows end a group debate on it afterwards; the final objective of the course is to create a 30 min play, the best ones will be staged at the end of the sclastic year by professional actors. This year the 2 plays that have received a Special Mention are “Assenza di stelle (Star Absence)” by Giulia Villa (reading of the play the 20th of May at Spazio Teatrale Ariella Vidach, directed by Marco Ghelardi, and “Doppia identità” written by students from SATs Scuola D’Arte teatrale Treviglio.

Teens Writing is the first project in Italy that create a culture and a network of new writing starting from the youngest in collaboration with the teachers and that benefit of the consolidated international network in the new writing field that MPF has been able to develop along these years.

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